THE STORY OF Yu meng Fishing

1000 years ago, our family came to Dongting Lake and started their own life as fishermen, and has been engaged in the production and development of fishing gear. Thanks to the 800-mile Dongting Lake. We’re sure we can make better gear.

He believed that the slow wobbling action which antagonized game fish into striking could be created with a more intricate combination of shape and weight. Always looking for better results, he carried a file and ball peen hammer in his tackle box to perfect his already very successful prototypes.

Yu meng Fishing is Building the World’s Best Fishing Company

The brands that came together to form Yu meng Fishing were founded by passionate inventors responsible for much of the tackle that we use today. We continue this drive for innovation with advancements in quality made possible through our investments in modern technology. Day by day, innovation by innovation, and catch by catch, each brand in our portfolio has earned a distinct and unique reputation with modern anglers worldwide.

Superior customer service for our anglers and our retail partners is a commitment we make to keep our brands a vibrant part of today’s angling experience. The growth of our brands represent more than just business, it’s our deep respect for the importance of fishing to a growing number of anglers worldwide. Yu meng Fishing is dedicated to helping anglers everywhere have more fun catching more fish.

Fishing Tackle Store Brand Story

The yumeng brand, on the other hand, is a widely recognized china brand in the sport fishing industry renowned for its innovative, high quality, and affordable fishing tackle. Since its birth in 2012, yumeng has been and remains highly popular with anglers of all kinds and all walks of life throughout Malaysia and now has presence across Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.

Yumeng is committed to provide the best and accessible tackle gear for anyone to be ahead of the game. With Yumeng’s wide-ranging tackles to choose from, there is always the right tackle for everyone.